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Without acceptance, is self-care possible?

What is self-care? How do you actually care for yourself?

To think that self-care is as simple as a nice day in the spa, everyday visit to the gym, a glamorous facial treatment, or an expensive wine night with friends is quite shallow. Self-care goes beyond the physical things.


Self-care is understanding yourself deeply. 

It is the moment you look at yourself and accept it all — the good parts and the bad parts. It is when you see yourself worthy of love, attention, time and effort.

Self-care is loving yourself proudly even when society tells you, you shouldn’t.

When you learn to stop comparing yourself with other people and start welcoming the fact that you are uniquely, graciously and perfectly flawed.

Self-care is looking at your flaws, imperfections and embracing it wholeheartedly.

It begins the moment you are truthful to your emotions, the moment you honor what you truly feel and embrace the fact that you are a wonderful work-in-progress. It is accepting that imperfections exist, but however you look, whatever you feel, you are beautiful as you are!

Self-care is acknowledging your emotions and respecting its highs and lows.

It is the moment you fully understand and accept that you are just human –you make mistakes, you fail, you fall short and that some days are harder than others.

The truth is, self-care begins with acceptance and it isn’t an overnight job. It might take you a day, a year or ten to learn to accept who you really are. It might even take you longer than others and that’s okay. Who knows, today might be your first day to your journey of self-acceptance.


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