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Kindness Is The New Normal

We live in a world where things aren’t always easy, where things aren’t always sunshine and rainbows, a world where our reality is different from our expectations. A world where everyone is fighting a difficult battle we are not aware of.


The old lady falling in line at the grocery counter
The gasoline boy working at the station
The person sitting next to you in traffic
The lady you passed by at the office

Everyone is going through something and unless we look closely into their eyes or ask them if they’re okay, we’ll never really know what they’re up against. People don’t wear warning signs.

The least yet the greatest thing we can do is be kind. Not just to our friends or families, not just to “our” people, but to everyone we meet, even to strangers.

And kindness can be a lot of things.

Kindness is a genuine smile for someone who’s seemingly having a bad day. Kindness is holding out the elevator door for someone who’s carrying a lot of baggage. Kindness is an act of generosity to a beggar down the street.

Kindness is choosing to be softer when the world demands you to be harsh. It’s looking at strangers with more compassion and acceptance rather than hate. It’s helping one another overcome their battles by simply being more sensitive and empathetic.

Kindness is taking the time to really listen when someone feels like the weight of the universe is upon them. It’s allowing other people know that we are here for them and that they matter as much as we do. It’s putting somebody else’s needs above ours, realizing that the world doesn’t revolve around us, and that our needs are never more valid than

So today, as you make your way to a world where everyone’s struggling, fighting for peace, battling against fear, and overcoming difficulties – remember, people don’t wear warning signs, so a little touch of kindness goes a long, long way.

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