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New Decade, New Purpose

2020 is here. A new decade filled with amazing opportunities to learn, to fail, to succeed, to encourage, to love, to laugh and to just live.

This new decade, I want to be someone different, someone with drive and purpose.

New Decade 1400x580

This year, I want my love for people to come without conditions. I want to allow people in without agendas or hidden motives. I want to make people feel welcome and accepted just as they are. I don’t want to make anyone feel like they have to do something in order to be loved, or change something in order to be accepted. I want my arms to be a home to outsiders and my heart to be a blessing to strangers.

This year, I want my actions to speak louder. I want to be someone who is kinder and more compassionate. I want to be someone who is more real, even if it means being softer and more vulnerable. I want to be someone whose true to her actions and someone who actually means what she says.

This year, I want my words to be meaningful. I want it to serve its true purpose and be able to reach places and people that needs it the most. I want my words to be able to encourage someone during their darkest days. I want my words strengthen the weary and bring joy to those who are hurting. I want my words to be a reminder to keep going, keep fighting and keep surviving no matter how difficult the war has been.

This year, I want to open not just my eyes, but my ears to the world. To really listen to what other people want to say, to really hear them out and comprehend what they mean. To understand where they are coming from, know their stories, and get a glimpse of their histories. I want to get why they are the way that they are. I want them to feel that it’s safe to open up, that it’s healthy to let others know what they went through and what they are going through – I want them to feel that there are people out there who truly wants to hear what they have to say.

This year, I want to be purposive. I don’t want to do things just for the sake of doing it anymore. I want to do it knowing why I’m doing it and who I’m doing it for. I want to stand up for what I believe in and fight for it relentlessly. I want to be someone who truly cares about something, someone who honestly loves people, and tries her best to inspire and lift them up when they are at their lowest.

This new decade, I want to have substance. I want to have a deeper revelation of this world and the human beings in it. I want to have not just a beautiful decade, but a life that can definitely make a difference.


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