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What Kindness Looks Like To A 70-year old.

Kindness is all the ways — no matter how grand or small — we show our love, concern, and compassion to those around us. And through the years, as we live our lives, kindness translates differently to different people.

To a 5-year old, kindness is an elder walking with them so they get the right directions and they don’t get lost. To a 70-year old, kindness is someone helping them cross the street because their sight can get a little blurry and their walk can get a little slow.


To a 10-year old, kindness is moving a seat closer to the new kid in school and introducing himself, making that kid feel less alone. To a 70-year old, kindness is someone standing up and offering their seat to him in a crammed train.

To an 18-year old, kindness means being surrounded by friends who will encourage and support him all the way. To a 70-year old, kindness is simply someone lending a hand, helping him look for their lost eyeglasses around the house.

To a 30-year old, kindness is a spouse who prepares dinner every night despite his long and stressful day at work. But to a 70-year old, kindness is their grown-up children coming home to visit once in a while, letting him know that he is loved and cared for deeply.

To a 45-year old, kindness is his child writing heartwarming messages of love and thanks on a greeting card. But to a 70-year old, kindness is simply the tender smile of his grandchild, sharing jokes, enjoying brunches with them.
You see, kindness comes to us in different forms over the years, but the fact remains the same — in order for one to live a happy and healthy life, one must be kind to each and every one.

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