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Fur Parenting: What’s Your Type?

Have you ever wondered what kind of fur parent you are? Keep reading!

If you think being a fur parent is a piece of cake, you are definitely wrong. Being a fur parent demands the same amount of commitment, dedication, time and effort as being somebody’s parent! Fur babies need the same love, care and attention. It’s not easier, but yes, it’s as fulfilling!

Paw prints

Being a fur parent doesn’t come with manuals. Not all fur babies are the same, and how we raise them shouldn’t be either.

As a fur parent, you have the freedom to raise your baby the way you want to. There’s no right and wrong, we all have our own tricks and styles, and at the end of the day, it’s really just a matter of finding out what works best for us and our fur babies. Check out what type of parent you are below!

 The dedicated parent

For you, one fur baby in the house is enough already! You choose to focus all your time and resources on only one and show him/her the total love and care, believing that s/he deserves nothing less.

 he hoarder

The more, the merrier! It doesn’t even matter if your house is filled with fur babies running and stirring up chaos all over the place. As long as you’re able to take good care of them, love them all equally and provide whatever they need — then you’re all good.

The strict teacher

Fur babies shouldn’t be babies forever. You are dedicated to training them, so they would learn good behaviour and fun tricks that they will also enjoy.


 The clingy cuddler

Terrible day? Wet kisses! Wonderful day? Couch cuddles! It’s raining hugs and kisses all day, every day! You sleep next to them, take unlimited photos together, record every single milestone, send them the occasional, sweet card to let them know how much you appreciate them (in case, they still don’t know!) Remember, too, to take unlimited photos with them, post them and your page will be brimming with a lot of awws.

The best friend

Your fur baby is truly your best friend. You treat them as your equal, you bond with them, and take them on unforgettable adventures — allowing them the freedom to play and do the things they want.

 Remember, fur babies are such blessings. They’re always there to love us and make even the worst days better. In return, it’s our responsibility to be the best fur parents to them. It’s our responsibility to show them that they are loved, cared for, and appreciated. It’s our obligation to let them feel that they matter as much as we do. 

There are a million different ways to be a great fur parent. So, whatever type of parent you are, we’re sure all of your actions are rooted in pure love for your fur babies!

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