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The Real Present Is You

With the long list of things to do and the hectic schedule this holiday season has to offer, it’s really easy to get lost and forget the real essence of the celebration.

Some fix their eyes on all the preparation, making sure everything is perfect. Some take advantage of the time off of work and just rest. While some make it the shopping escapade of their lives — looking for the best, most expensive gifts to give.

The real present rectangle

But the truth is, the holiday season shouldn’t be about all these things.

It should be about our presence. Us, making time for the people we love. Us, making an effort to actually reach out and spend some valuable moments with them in this once a year event. It’s all about us, not missing out on the big celebrations; us showing up, letting them know they are important to us in this season.

It’s all about family and togetherness. Beating the holiday rush, sacrificing deadlines, work, and prioritizing our family. Traveling a thousand miles just to be reunited with the people we haven’t seen for a very long time. It’s all about the feeling of their warm embrace, the sound of laughter and joy that fills the room when you’re all there, the numerous stories that everyone kept only to be told in this beautiful time of the year.

So this holiday season, make them feel your love by coming home and spending quality time with your family. The delight on your Noche Buena together in one table, binge-watch some Hallmark movies, and just make precious memories with the little time you have together.

Make your presence your present this Christmas. It may not be expensive or flashy, but it sure is unforgettable and priceless. No material gift can ever replace the amazing feeling of completeness and togetherness especially this season.

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