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The Grand Homecoming

It’s the favorite season of everyone again – Christmas! And in the Philippines, it only means one thing: REUNION.

A beautiful and memorable time where everyone gets time off from work, prepares their gifts and pasalubongs, pack their suitcases and book their flights only to come home and be reunited with our entire family.

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Our family loves it very much – it has become our yearly tradition to host our clan’s reunion. So days before the big homecoming, everyone around the house is already cleaning the rooms, decorating the house, preparing the Noche Buena menu, and buying all the necessary things needed for the festivity.

We want everything to be grand — from the decorations, to the gifts, to the feast – everything should be done with extra effort because it’s the only season where we are complete.

We want to make sure it’s going to be the best day for everyone.

Reunions are a wonderful time where our house is filled with nothing but the sound of stories, laughter & love. A time when all of our Titos and Titas help Mom and Dad prepare and cook our Christmas specials; when all 14 of our cousins run around the house, while Lola and Lolo just sit together, happy and fulfilled, looking at the sight of their complete family.

An amazing time where brothers and sisters who haven’t seen each other in a very long time, are finally able to hug and kiss each other. A time where all of us get to reconnect with one another, catch up on each other’s lives and keep everyone on track with what’s new in our lives.

And I don’t want this tradition to ever end.

In the coming years, I would love to host it. Be the one who prepares for the big homecomings, make my house the home to our clan’s reunion and an instrument for our family to be together and be able to reconnect with one another again.

Be a safe place where we could reminisce about the good old days and be able to make new memories that we will treasure forever as a family.

I want our reunions to go on for the rest of our lives, so we can continuously strengthen our bond and cultivate even more the love we have for each other – now, that’s the real purpose of Christmas.

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