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Simple But Still Grateful

While some families spend their Christmas at the fanciest 5-star hotels, eat at the most expensive restaurants or serve only the finest, home-cooked meals at the table — we are in our humble home, enjoying our simple Christmas spread consisting of a big bowl of Spaghetti a la Mama, a store-bought ham and our favorite dessert, Fruit Salad!

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Exactly three days before Christmas, our mother would already go to the marketplace and buy all the necessary ingredients for her recipe. We make sure that by the morning of the 24th, we are already preparing for our incredible spread.

And it’s not just the feast we love to savor, we enjoy the prepping it as well. My mother is in charge of cooking the Spaghetti, my brother is tasked with slicing the ham, and I’m the one responsible for making our signature Fruit Salad while my father annoys all of us with his corny jokes.

It’s nothing fancy or expensive but to us, it’s always special and definitely something we look forward to every single year. Seeing our complete, happy family every year is truly a sight to behold. They are the reason why I am grateful and joyful as I celebrate the season.

Because at the end of the day, our blessings are not measured through fancy gifts, grand vacations or expensive feasts, it’s through our family’s unconditional love and never-ending support for one another. It’s through our family’s unwavering presence, sticking with us through the good days and the bad ones as well. It’s their relentless care and concern, wherever we are in life, whatever the circumstances are.

Our table may look simple, but our hearts are full — full of overwhelming love, appreciation, and gratitude. As long as I spend Christmas with them, it’s complete, it’s festive – it’s more than enough.

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