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Same Old Love Every Christmas

The holiday season is one of the most-awaited times for our family. It’s when we’re all free from school, of work and our only focus is each other. It’s when we get to spend the most time together, when we strengthen our bond and our relationships.

74034We decorate our house together and we craft our DIY parols. We buy gifts and wrap them while watching re-runs of our favorite Hallmark movies. We write our personalized Christmas cards while sipping Mom’s delicious hot choco in the morning. We help Mom & Dad as they prep for our Christmas eve dinner.

It was wonderful, it was irreplaceable. Our Christmases have always been about that — about family, It was a celebration of our pure love & genuine care for each other.

And it didn’t change when my parents decided to go on their separate ways…

But now, instead of having one Noche Buena, we have two.

Since my Mom and Dad separated, it became our new Christmas tradition to celebrate the happiest time of the year twice. One at my Mom’s, and one at my Dad’s. It was hard at first, not seeing them prepare our Noche Buena together, not seeing them sit beside each other in one table, laughing at each other’s corny jokes.

But as time passed by, we realized that Christmas then and Christmas now is not significantly different. It doesn’t matter if we have to enjoy Noche Buena under different roofs. It doesn’t matter how many times we give gifts or celebrate the holiday season in a year, it’s all worth it — as long as it is celebrated with the most important people in our lives.

We may be separated but were still family.

This holiday season, one of the most precious things we can celebrate is the gift of each other. More than the lavish dinners, the exquisite gifts, the memorable traditions — the real meaning of the holiday season is family. It’s always better with family. It’s always more colorful, more joyful and more meaningful when spent with the people whom we love.

Together or not, our Christmas will hold the same meaning. It will still be celebrated with the same old passion, the same old enthusiasm and the same old love. Because at the end of the day, this is the best gift anyone can give each other.

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