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Made With Love

Growing up, we were always taught to share.

We were not born rich. We don’t have much but we’ve always had enough. Our parents would always teach us the importance of sharing whatever blessings we had for they believe, it’s always better to give than to receive.


This holiday, we did not want it to be any different!

Instead of our usual Christmas routine at home of putting up garlands and Christmas lights, preparing gifts for one another — for the first time ever, we spent it packing goodies for children living in orphanages.

Instead of Mom cooking her delicious, heirloom recipes for all of us to enjoy during the eve of Christmas day, we helped her prepare tasteful Noche Buena staples for children and staff living in orphanages to savor.

Seeing their smiles, hearing their thank yous and getting to celebrate the beauty of the holiday season with them is just priceless. It fires up our desire to keep on sharing, to keep on giving, not just during the holiday season but at any chance we get.

We may have missed our own sumptuous Noche Buena at home this year, but nothing can replace eating in the midst of these children. We could see the genuine gratitude and pure appreciation in their eyes, and it just inspires us to mirror the same perspective they have towards life.

At the end of the day, being with them during this special season doesn’t only make a valuable difference in their lives — it makes a significant mark in ours. It changes the way we see life, it changes the way we treat our blessings and changes the way we value the people around us.

This is the beginning of our new family tradition. From this year on, we will enjoy the most wonderful time of the year with these strangers that we hope, will eventually become our extended family. It is amazing what a simple dinner can do – how it can strengthen a bond, how it can impact the lives of people and create meaningful relationships that we will treasure forever.

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