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It’s Almost Christmas, But Where’s The Magic?

I used to be so excited about the holiday season. Waking up to a cold December day, smelling Mama’s freshly baked cookies and Papa’s signature Paella – it was definitely a season I want to put on “repeat”.

It was a once a year event where I get to open lots of gifts, play with my cousins from all over the world, and just delight in the joy the season brings.


But as the years pass by, I’ve started to lose that “Christmas is coming” feeling. I’ve lost that intense anticipation for the surprises this season holds. And I have been always wondering why. I wonder what happened, where did the magic go? Where’s the enthusiasm I once had when I was a little kid?

And maybe you’re feeling the same thing today.

Maybe it’s because you’ve grown up and have become busier with the more important stuff. Maybe you’ve become too consumed with meeting deadlines at work or finishing year-end school requirements that it has become more harder for you to focus on the real spirit of Christmas.

Maybe it’s because you’ve lost people along the way, you’ve cut some relationships, you’ve gone through something inevitable, or difficult… and your Christmas spirit has eventually waned.

Or maybe to you, the holiday season has become more of an obligation than a festivity. Maybe as things change, as life happens — you just simply lost your passion and Christmas just feels like a normal day.

Together, let’s bring back that Christmas spirit we once had.

Get up on your feet, put up some decorations, light up the Christmas tree – play some lively, Christmas songs while you’re at it.

Go out, wear your Santa hat and greet strangers a Merry Christmas.

Remember to get your gifts ready, write some personalized greeting cards while you binge-watch some of your favorite Christmas classics like A Christmas Story, A Charlie Brown Christmas and Home Alone! Even as adults, we deserve to feel the same joy again, we deserve to feel the same Christmas spirit!

Most of all, let’s remember the real reason for the season. Let’s give back, show our appreciation to the people who have been part of our year. Together with our families, let’s celebrate this season with gratefulness for another blessed year.

As the holiday season approaches, let us all excited and enjoy the best way we can!

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