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Kindness All Year Long

The holiday season is adored and loved by almost everyone.

It’s a time to celebrate, a time to be joyful. A time to be generous, and thoughtful. A time to be forgiving, and compassionate. A time to be caring and loving towards everyone.

Many adored and loved it because they say — it’s the season of kindness.

Kindness All Year Long

Christmas shouldn’t be the only season where people can be generous, compassionate, and loving – it shouldn’t be the only season where people can be kind.

Holding the elevator door for someone who’s running late,

Helping an old lady carry her shopping baskets,

Assisting a little boy in the grocery,

Letting someone else take our seat on a crowded train,

Sharing our lunch with someone who’s starving,

Giving out random gifts to beggars at the street,

Writing our family members a well-thought, handwritten card…

Imagine what the world would be like if these acts are practiced not just on the cold days of December but all throughout the 365 days of the entire year. Isn’t that a wonderful sight to behold?

How beautiful will our world be if our first instinct is to be kind, and be sensitive to other people? If instead of always thinking about ourselves and putting our needs first, we listen and prioritize what other people need first?

May this be a year where we look at kindness and Christmas differently.

May this be a year where we get to understand that kind acts aren’t just for the holidays, but a year-long thing.

May we be empowered and challenged this year to always be kind, as much as we can, every single day of our lives. May we get a revelation of what it really means to be kind — and that is doing selfless acts for people without hoping or expecting something in return.

May this year’s holiday be a reminder that kindness must be done all year long.

And Christmas is just the precious time where we get to look back and remember all the kindness we practiced the entire year.

Remember, there isn’t a specific time or season in this life to be kind — kindness should be practiced every single day for the rest of our lives.


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